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Doorbell Cameras with No Subscription – Aosu 5MP Vs Lorex 2K

With so many doorbell camera options, finding one that works well for you could be daunting. I wanted one without a monthly subscription so that narrowed things down. I thought I’d walk you through the options and why I chose the Aosu 5MP Ultra HD Doorbell Camera.   After weeks of research, I tried to decide between these three, eventually narrowing it down to the Aosu and Lorex. I will focus on my deciding factors between Aosu and Lorex doorbell cameras. Aosu 5MP

Getting PTZOptics PT##X NDI Cameras Ready For Live Streaming in OBS

The goal was to start live video streaming but I only had a Yamaha digital mixer and Windows PC. The options are many as you may know and at one point I decided to combine handheld Canon SDI handheld cameras and either a Roland video switcher or Blackmagic Design ATEM but as I investigated more I decided to try something fairly new. I like to achieve more with simple when possible so I decided to try out pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) Network Device Interface (NDI) camera even though this

Weak Input Gain on Yamaha TF Mixers When Paired With Tio1608-D Stagebox

For a period of time, I was having fun with the Yamaha TF series mixer at a house of Worship until a change that made me pull my hair for days. At first, all inputs were plugged in directly to the combo jacks on the mixer but few weeks passed and the Yamaha Tio1608-D stagebox was added to the setup which is when the the problem showed up. Every attempt to get decent input signal into the board failed and in trying

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