With so many doorbell camera options, finding one that works well for you could be daunting. I wanted one without a monthly subscription so that narrowed things down. I thought I’d walk you through the options and why I chose the Aosu 5MP Ultra HD Doorbell Camera.


After weeks of research, I tried to decide between these three, eventually narrowing it down to the Aosu and Lorex. I will focus on my deciding factors between Aosu and Lorex doorbell cameras.

  1. Aosu 5MP Ultra HD Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera
  2. Lorex 2K Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell Camera
  3. Eufy Security Video Doorbell

Let’s compare some key features and how they align with my requirements. Here’s a quick chart to help you visualize the differences between the Aosu and Lorex doorbell cameras.

Aosu 5MP Ultra HD Wi-Fi Doorbell Lorex 2K Quad HD Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera
Subscription Not required👍 Not required👍
Homebase Yes No
Storage 8GB non-expandable local storage on Homebase 32 GB MicroSD included
Power Built-in battery or existing doorbell wiring👍 Existing doorbell wiring👍
Integration with existing home chime Yes – chime kit not required👍 Yes – Chime kit included
Camera 5MP / 2560 x 1920p / About 5 million pixels 2K / 2560 x1440p / About 4 million pixels
Motion detection Yes Yes
Night vision Black/white Coloured

Now, let’s discuss a few criteria that influenced my decision. Both cameras have similar features I wanted and are comparable in that sense. Still, the local but remote Homebase storage and integration with my existing home chime without a chime kit were mainly my deciding factors.

Homebase & Storage

I would have preferred a solution without homebase just because it’s something else I have to find an outlet for within a reasonable distance from the doorbell camera and Wi-Fi. That wasn’t an issue, but I wished I didn’t need the Homebase. However, the presence of the homebase was one of the primary reasons I chose Aosu, as I had doubts about having MicroSD in the camera. Since the doorbell camera is outdoors, the Micro SD card or the camera could be stolen, and I would lose recorded videos. I admire Lorex’s 32 GB MicroSD, but I wish Aosu had more than 8GB.

Integration with Existing Home Doorbell Chime

When I ordered the Aosu doorbell camera, I was curious to know for sure if the doorbell would chime my home doorbell chime without a chime kit. Lorex mentioned that a chime kit is included in their package, but I wanted something without an extra thing attached to my existing chime. Imagine my joy when the Aosu doorbell rang my home chime without hassles. 😁

Other Features Worth Mentioning

  • Resolution: The Aosu offers a higher resolution at 5MP than Lorex’s 2K resolution.
  • Storage Capacity: Lorex offers expandable storage, while Aosu has 8GB of non-expandable storage in Homebase. I have been using the Aosu doorbell camera for over a year, albeit in a low-traffic area, and haven’t had issues with its limited capacity. I should mention that both devices offer optional cloud storage.
  • Power Options: Aosu provides both battery and wired installation options, unlike Lorex, which provides only wired—well, unless that changes in newer models.
  • Audio: Both offer two-way audio, but Lorex provides noise cancellation.
  • Size: While the Lorex doorbell camera is slim, Aosu is bulky, probably because of the internal battery.

Both cameras offer high-quality video and advanced features, but the choice may depend on your preference for resolution, storage flexibility, and installation options.

Which Doorbell Camera Should You Choose?

I have used my Aosu camera for over a year and have no regrets about choosing it. Your preferences will help you decide which one to purchase.